In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.
People who love Allah learn to love all His creations.
"And I have never been disappointed in my prayer to You" (19:4)

Supplication is a humble request by a modest person to the most superior that is Allah (God). It's a prayer asking for His help and petitioning for fulfillment of their legitimate desires. This can be in any language they speak as the Almighty understands everything. He also knows what is in our hearts even though we don't ask for it.

In Islam, Dua is the word for supplication. Meaning to "call out" , to invoke" and regarded as one of the greatest acts of Worship. It is a form of prayer where a believer asks Allah to provide something either for themselves or for someone else.

This is a call for help, which we can make anytime of the day or night. We can't call or parents, closest friend, doctor, spiritual guide at 1 o' clock in night but we can call our Creator Allah (God) anytime day or night. Be sure He listens and answers our prayers.
"Just think who answers the oppressed person
who cries out to Him and relieves his affliction,
And makes you inheritors of the Earth? Is there another God
besides Allah? How little do you reflect!" (27:62)

The main purpose of Dua is to accept our weakness and acknowledge His Graciousness and Power. A Dua with a sincere pure heart is never wasted. We might not get the answer we want but Allah responds to us He either turns away some evil that was going to inflict us, or He reserves its rewards for the hereafter. On the Day of Judgment when we see the huge rewards we get for our Dua's, which we thought, were unanswered, we will wish none of our Dua's were granted in this world.

Importance of Dua

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has said: "Shall I introduce you a weapon which will protect you from both the evils of enemies and increase your sustenance?" They said, Yes, Oh Messenger of Allah tells us. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied: "call your Lord day and night. Dua is the weapon of a believer."

Dua is a gift

It is the best gift that one could give to another. Prophet Mohammad says,
"It is the gift for your deceased from alive."

Another thing he taught us is,
"A best gift a person can give to someone is the gift of Dua."

Requirement of Dua

The supplicant should be conversant with the meaning of the prayer and the etiquette of reciting with dedication of heart and the attitude should be equally submissive.

The Realization that Only Allah Responds to Dua

We must fully believe that Allah alone is capable of hearing our prayer; only He has the power to grant us what we desire and to stop our pain and suffering. Be sure that He is the one who can give or refuse. If he won't, no one can.

The Presence of an Attentive Heart

Prophet Mohammad said
"Make Dua to Allah in a state that you are certain that your Dua will be responded and know that Allah does not respond to a Dua that originates from a negligent, in attentive heart" (Tirmizi).
This explains that Dua must be made with a attentive heart, such that we know exactly what we are asking, and whom we are asking from. Allah is the lord of Honor!

Be Patient

Prophet Mohammad said
"You will be responded as long as you are not hasty, meaning that a person says, 'I have and prayed and my prayer has not been answered!" (Bukhari, Muslim)

This means that Dua must be continuous, we should not stop our Dua just because we are not getting the response we desire. Allah is wise, he knows what and when something is appropriate for us. In The Holy Quran Allah says
"It is quite possible that something which you don't like is good for you, and that something which you love is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not." (Chapter 2 – verse 216)

One more reminder, if you DON'T ask Allah, He gets angry. And if you ask people, they get angry.
"And your Rabb says: Call on Me, I will answer your prayers. Surely those who
Are to arrogant to worship Me shall soon enter hell in humiliation" (40:60)

One day a wise, knowledgeable person was asked: "Allah has stated in the Holy Quran that:
"Call on Me; I will answer your (prayer)"; we call Allah but our prayer are not answered."

He replied: "The reason is because your hearts have died due to certain things so your supplications have no sincerity as your hearts are not pure and free of contamination."

They asked: "What are those things? "he replied:

The foremost reason is you have accepted Allah as your Lord but do not obey Him.

You do recite the Holy Quran but don't understand to apply in your lives.

You acknowledge your love for the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) but are opposed to his ways.

You believe that Shaitan (Satan) is your enemy, yet you follow his ways.

You desire to enter Heaven but what are you doing to get there.

You say that you afraid of the Hell Fire, but do you try hard enough to save yourself from it.

You are busy slandering and criticizing people but are ignorant of your own shortcomings and faults.

You say that you don't like the world but are greedily following it.

You accept the reality of death but don't prepare yourself for it.

You have buried the dead but do not take a lesson or guidance from it.

Now ask these questions.
=> Are we sincere, pure, and patient?
=> Do we have any of the above qualities or habits?

Assess your self…

Allah Almighty has taught us many supplications in the Holy Quran. In those supplications, Allah taught us how and what we should really ask Him. InshaAllah (God willingly) I intend to share these supplications with their meanings to help you know when and why you should read them. Briefing the circumstances in which those supplications were revealed and for whom specifically at that time. I will also share with you the supplications of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with their meanings so you will know when and why you need to read them also.

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