In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.
People who love Allah learn to love all His creations.
Allah (God) is the creator, the Designer, the Guide, the Sustainer of His creation. Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. Everyone in this universe knows that someone created them. whether, they accept it or not. They might not recognize Him, have forgotten Him, or don't know how and where to find Him.

To know our creator is a natural desire of mankind. Do you know why? Our creator introduced himself to us before we existed in this world. In the Holy Quran Allah says,
"And when your Rabb brought into existence the offspring from the loins of Adam and his descendants (virtually every single person of mankind) and made them testify about themselves." Allah asked them: "Am I not your Rabb? They all replied: "Yes! We bare witness that You are. "This we did, lest you mankind should say on the day of resurrection we were not aware of this fact, that You are our Rabb and that there will be a day of judgment." (Chapter 7, verse 172)

The word
"Rabb" maybe new or unfamiliar for many of us it means 'Lord' which stands for Master, Owner, Sustainer, Provider, Guardian, Sovereign, Ruler, Administrator, and Organizer. Allah is the Lord of the universe in all of these senses. This attribute of Allah is mentioned approximately 967 times in the Holy Quran; it is name by which Allah is most often addressed in prayers (supplications). It is never used absolutely but always as my Rabb, your Rabb, our Rabb, or Rabb of the worlds.

Once we know our creator, the next natural desire is to worship Him. It is pre-programmed in mankind to worship someone who is Exalted, Supreme, above everyone and everything. Someone we think is controlling our lives, who has the power to do anything and no one can stop Him. It is the human nature to worship our Creator. This is why we find in every language or religion one or more terms that are used in reference to whom they worship. There is only one creator of the universe. He is the one to worship, whom we will return to. His name in English is God, in French, Dieu, in Italian, Dio, in German, Gott, in Spanish, Dios, in Portuguese, Deus, and in Arabic, Allah. It is interesting to know, that Allah is the personal name of God in Aramaic, the language of prophet Jesus, and a sister language of Arabic. In the Aramaic Bible, the word Allah is used for God.

In Islam the unique usage of the word Allah is the reflection of pure belief in the one God, which is the message of all God's messengers. Muslims prefer saying Allah, as it is from the Holy Quran and is a distinctive term, which cannot be manipulated into plural, or gender together by adding S to

God becomes Gods or ESS changes the gender. In the Holy Quran translation, we find "He" when referring to Allah. This word is used only out of respect and dignity, not for gender. You will also find "We" for Allah, it is used only as the royal-We, just as in the English the royalty or highest position. It is not used as a plural form of Allah, as there is no plural.

These verses from the Holy Quran are the introduction of Allah to all mankind:
"Say He is the Allah, the one and only. Allah is the self-sufficient (independent of all, while all are dependent on Him). He begets not,
Nor is He begotten and there is none comparable to Him." (112:1-4)

Today we see there is a lack of love and peace in this world because mankind is attracted and deceived by the glamour of the material world and drawn away from Allah, our Creator. We have forgotten the message of Allah, or we simply just don't know. Do we ever think why we were sent in this world? What are we doing here? What is our final destination?

Without Allah, there will be no world!
Without Allah, there will be no us!
Without Allah, we can't survive!
Without Allah, there will be no peace and love in this world!

Don't you feel that this world needs
the divine guidance more than ever before?
I don't have enough words to praise or tell you more about our Creator. I quote these verses form the Holy Quran,

"If all the trees on the Earth were pens and the ocean was ink, replenished
by seven more oceans, the writing of Allah's words would not be exhausted. Surely, Allah is Mighty Wise." (31:27)
"Glory is to Allah and I praise Him by the number of His creations and
His pleasure, and by the weight of His throne and the ink of His Words"

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